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"No More Mr. Nice Guy"
Gosh, it"s such a hoot to see them quaking
When I"m king they"ll treat me with respect
I can"t wait to watch their poor hearts breaking
So much for politically correct

Up "til now I"ve pulled my punches
I intend to eat their lunches
No more Mr. Nice Guy, not for me

If you think that I"m hard-hearted
Well, let me by, I haven"t even started
No more Mr. Nice Guy, no siree

Soon as my witchcraft has zinged them
I"ll gain control of the kingdom
As for Odette, well that"s tragic
"Cause I"m going back to that old black magic

Good behaviour is so much duller
Time to show my one true colour
Baby, Mr. Nice Guy"s history

Vengeance is what I believe in
I don"t get mad, I get even
Odette can"t get to the ball "cause I won"t bring her
So I"ll zap up a date who"s a real dead ringer

Up to no good, I love plottin"
"Cause I"m so good when I"m rotten
No more Mr. Nice Guy, wait and see (wait and see)

I"ll become that nasty, naughty, very spiteful
Wicked, wayward, way delightful
Bad guy I was born to be

One more time

Lying, loathsame, never tender
Indiscreet repeat offender
No more Mr. Nice Guy, that"s not me

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