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"She"s Gone"
She"s gone
She"s gone

She"s gone and with her the sun, the moon and stars have vanished from sight
There"ll never again be a sunrise for me because she was my light
No laughter will ever escape from my lips, I"ll never again sing a song
For the light and love of my life was Zelda and now she"s gone

( Queen Uberta: How pathetic, Rogers. )

Whoa, she"s gone and with her the greatest love the world has ever known
Has suffered a dagger right to the heart and lies as cold as stone
The passion of Romeo and Juliet, Josephine and Napoleon
Should have bowed to love of Rogers and Zelda, but now she"s gone

( Queen Uberta: Get a grip, Rogers. You"re making me nauseous. )

Save your words of encouragement, nothing can bring me cheer
Take away all my life support and bury me right here

( Queen Uberta: If I didn"t need a partner, I swear I would. )

Now little darling, won"t you please come home and heal this broken heart
"Cause your muffin man, he just can"t stand the pain with you apart
For the reason the world turned was Zelda
No other love in history held a
Candle to ours, it was was unexcelled-ah
(But now she"s gone, whoa)
She"s gone!
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